Make your meal special

We can seat up to 80 persons, clean and cool place with delicious Thai authentic food, coffee and bakery. Out three signature menus.
Moo Aob Namphung (Honey roasted pork ribs)
Kang Reang Kung Sod (Thai herbal soup with Fresh Shrimp)
Keaw Wan Heang (Dried green Curry)

Cooked by experienced chefs. Furthermore, we can organize your seminar or conference up to 80 persons. Including coffees shop and catering service. We open daily 06:00 – 21:00

Treat yourself to our assorted delicacies as we present you with an array of various curries, roasted ribs, stir-fried fish in black pepper and chinese specialty sauce, fish in green curry paste, roasted duck, stir-fried assorted seafood in thai herbs and spices, Dim Sum, Northern Thai curry noodles (Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow), Northern Thai chilly and tomato dip (Nam Prik Ong), Northern Thai dry curry (Kaeng Hung-ley), to name a few. Entice yourself with our delightful dishes amidst the calm and quiet environment.